News - 06-06-2019
Aguilar & Pineda renews its image

In 2017 Aguilar & Pineda decided to renew his brand with the objective of visually represent the values of the company. The Neue studio is responsible for this change and takes on the task of rewriting the essence as well as defining and translating the values of tradition, experience and high technological level of the company.

The simplification of the symbol means updating the brand and increasing its presence, making it more powerful and recognizable. As a result of this simplification and modernization of the brand a new identity is born and has been adapted to all the fields of business communication: stationery, a complete redesign of the web, catalogues, press advertising...

We created a graphic line for catalogues with photography and a colour palette that identifies the product with each of the sectors it represents.

A family of icons and visual categories has also been created to help locate each represented brand and machinery in the sector in which it works.

Another great challenge has been redefining the web. The tailor-made design is better suited to the double need of the company, a powerful tool to show the machinery for its future customers and introduce the company, route and philosophy to the possible new brands represented.