Ahlbrandt · Germany

Corona treatment systems to improve absorption and adhesion of dressings and fittings

Andritz · Germany

Calendering and finishing processes for nonwovens and textiles industries.

Continuous Tumbler Dryer

Baldwin · Sweden

Spray application of low viscosity products on fabrics or non-wovens on one or two sides.

Clayton · Belgium / USA

Gas, diesel or electric steam generators, with capacities between 100kW and 13MW and pressures up to 140 barg. Steam generation using water tube technology.

Datacolor · Switzerland

Textile colour management solutions for the entire supply chain.

Felts for palmers and compacting machines. Open mesh conveyor belts for dryers.

Europlasma · Belgium

Nanocoating solutions based on proprietary low-pressure plasma technology. Textile surface treatment with plasma technology in under pressure, both in fabric roll or in final garment or product.

Fong's · China / Germany

High-temperature piece, beam and yarn dyeing machines. 

Goller · Germany

Complete ranges for continuous dyeing, washing, bleaching and mercerizing.

Hannecard · France

Rubber belts for sanforizing.

Lafer · Italy

Raising, shearing, sueding, Polar Fleece and all kind of machines and lines for dry finishing.

Mahlo · Germany

Measuring systems and process control. Quality control for film, coating, calendering and more. Weft straighteners.

Monforts · Germany

Stenter franes and relaxation dryers for woven and knitted fabrics, continious dyeing ranges and sanforizing lines.

Hotmelt laminating systems with engraved cylinder and full coating. Laminating calenders.

Osthoff-senge · Germany

Singeing and pre-treatment units for high production. Cleaning systems to get a good performance in processes like dyeing and printing.

Automatic systems for fabric inspection, rolling and packaging.

Plastic tubes for spinning and dyeing.

Then · Germany

High-temperature piece, beam and yarn dyeing machines. 

Zimmer · Austria

Rotary and frame printing ranges. Digital printing machines for all kind of fabrics. Coating and impregnation lines for technical textiles. Zimmer produces dryers and steamers for all these lines.