Ahlbrandt · Germany

Corona treatment systems to improve absorption and adhesion of dressings and fittings

Amsler · Switzerland

Devices for the manufacturing of slub yarn on Open-end or ring-spinning machines.

Andritz · Germany

Calendering and finishing processes for nonwovens and textiles industries.

BMS Vision · Belgium

Production monitoring systems for the textile industry -spinning, weaving and finishing- and for the plastics industry (MES). Monitoring and optimisation of the energy consumption. 

Baldwin · Sweden

Spray application of low viscosity products on fabrics or non-wovens on one or two sides.

Datacolor · Switzerland

Textile colour management solutions for the entire supply chain.

Felts for palmers and compacting machines. Open mesh conveyor belts for dryers.

Dueffe · Italy

Mattress and quilting machines as well as automatic mattress packaging machines.

Europlasma · Belgium

Nanocoating solutions based on proprietary low-pressure plasma technology. Textile surface treatment with plasma technology in under pressure, both in fabric roll or in final garment or product.

Fong's · China / Germany

High-temperature piece, beam and yarn dyeing machines. 

Goller · Germany

Complete ranges for continuous dyeing, washing, bleaching and mercerizing.

Laroche · France

Textile recycling production lines, for the processing of the pre-consumption and post-consumption garments. Air-laying producing lines, from the fibres mixing to the finished non-woven product.

Loepfe · Switzerland

Yarn quality electronic clearers. Centralized quality control systems. Weft break detector, weft brakes, thermo-cutters for weaving machines.

Luwa · Switzerland

Air conditioning and filtering systems creating optimised manufacturing enviroments. Heat recovery systems.

Mahlo · Germany

Measuring systems and process control. Quality control for film, coating, calendering and more. Weft straighteners.

Raising, shearing, sueding, Polar Fleece and all kind of machines and lines for dry finishing.

Matthys · Belgium

Sectional warpers. Residual bobbins and special format rewinding machines. Carpet confection lines, winding and cutting of big rolls.

Monforts · Germany

Stenter franes and relaxation dryers for woven and knitted fabrics, continious dyeing ranges and sanforizing lines.

NSC · France

Long staple fiber to yarn machinery, carding and combing units, defeltring and recombing units, stretch breaking machinery, worsted and semi-worsted units.

Spinning lines for man-made fibers (Poliester, Poliamide, Polipropilene…). Texturizing machines for continuos filament yarns. Gear pumps for the chemical industry.

Osthoff-senge · Germany

Singeing and pre-treatment units for high production. Cleaning systems to get a good performance in processes like dyeing and printing.

Automatic systems for fabric inspection, rolling and packaging.

Picanol · Belgium

Airjet looms. Negative and positive gripper on rapier looms. Airjet and rapier loom for terry towel. Airjet looms for tyrecord.

Rewinding machines, precision winders, manual winding machines for different formats. 

Spinning lines for natural fibres. Open-End Autocoro machine. Autoconer winder.

With Volkmann Systems Saurer Twisting Solutions provide a wide range of specialised staple fibre yarn twisting solutions as well as specialised carpet yarn twisting and cabling solutions in the market.

Saurer Zinser · Germany

Ring spinning lines. From roving frames to short and long staple ring spinning lines. Material transport systems.

Seydel · Germany

Cable transformer machines: from continuous fibre to long-staple fibres

Plastic tubes for spinning and dyeing.

Steinmann · Switzerland

Centralized vacuum systems for weaving and spinning halls cleaning. Waste automatic removal.

Superba · France

Continuously steaming and shrink treatment for yarns. Machines for the thermo-fixing of carpet yarns.

Suzuki · Japan

Sample warping machines.

Then · Germany

High-temperature piece, beam and yarn dyeing machines. 

Trelleborg · France

Rubber belts for sanforizing.

Xorella · Switzerland

Steaming of any textile product. Machinery to moisture fibres, yarn and fabrics.

Zimmer · Austria

Rotary and frame printing ranges. Digital printing machines for all kind of fabrics. Coating and impregnation lines for technical textiles. Zimmer produces dryers and steamers for all these lines.