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Tel. (+34) 93 487 66 67

As Textile Machinery Agents we have been witnesses during the last years of huge changes in the European textile industry.

The reasons for the well known crisis in the textile industry has been caused mainly by the rise of the Asian competitors (specially China and India), which have lower regulations and lower manpower costs. Furthermore, the decrease of the customs duties as well as the importation quotas elimination has made these countries highly increase their exportation ammounts.

In Spain, many or our countries have either closed their factories or moved to countries with cheaper production costs. Others have quit production and they operate today as distributors. However, some other companies have adapted their processes in order to manufacture products with a very high quality and with the last technical advances.

On the other hand, nowadays textile machinery manufacturers are also undergoing very important changes worldwide and the trend is the concentration of companies. Big groups have arised which have purchased other companies, such us the Oerlikon Group (formerly Saurer), or, in other cases they have merged.

All these changes, both in our customers and in our representatives, has forced us to examine the most reliable way to adapt us to this new environment. It was clear that we had to keep, or even improve, our presence in the market as well as our service to customers who are more and more demanding. Likewise, costs must be kept at a sustainable level.

All the above has made us take an strategic and momentous decission to face the future. We have decided to join the strength, business experience as well as technical and market knowledge from Luciano Aguilar S.A. (132 years of experience) and Eduardo de Pineda y Cia. S.L.(56 years of experience), creating the new company, Aguilar & Pineda Asociados S.L.

The new corporation was born with the goal of being present in textile machinery, chemical industry and environment technologies, strengthening in the future these two last items.

With this merge, the new company becomes one of the most outstanding companies in Spain dedicated to machine representations, which's goal is to keep providing the same level of attention that we have been aknowledged through the years.

Our new company will have 3 cornerstones:

- Selling industrial machinery
- Technical service
- After sales service and spare parts

Regarding our staff, we have 6 sales men and 6 engineers with a wide experience in spinning, nonwoven, weaving, dyeing&finishing, chemistry, software and environment.

We are sure that this join supported both by the Aguilar and Pineda families will make us strong enough to keep on being a reference in the textile & chemical industry.


Aguilar & Pineda Asociados, S.L. - Mallorca, 279 Pral 3ª, 08037 BARCELONA - Phone +34 93 487 66 67 -
Last updated: 14-02-2018